Today night is going to a memorable night for the World. Because 1cr 30L stars will come to INDIA. So switch of the every light in your home at 9 p m and welcome this moments with a , and . Please,,,,

We’re making bottle repurposed premium soy for some of our happy customers. This is Operation

It's ! Day of Seatere, Seater, and Saturn and of the god of tricks & revelry. Ruled by and of The Day: Black : , , Finding , Works Of Magic, Buildings, ,

Earth hour everyone is like yaye 👏👏👏 PM announces Solidarity lighting on Sunday All of a sudden everyone becomes a electrical engineer worried about Grid shutting down and what not.Hope everyone remembers that Fan,fridge ,AC also runs on electricity 🙄

I can't wait... An eager to know what will happen on April 9th, 9pm in India. 😄

Cannot wait to see what this one does on Sunday night. Best keep the fire brigade on standby.

I support this act of But is this enough!!! People who will do this is anyway staying at home , they are not the one who is risk causing!!! 1)Must be tight curfew!! if needed army can be deployed. 2)Provide PPE for doctors n staff

Join us on our Facebook page - Wortley and Farnley Parish - at 7pm each evening - light a candle with us and share a time of peace, reflection and prayer

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