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If you're "spraying and praying" and applying to jobs without any curiosity or interest in the company that posted it, you're looking for a job, not the next step in your career. And that's fine.

University of San Diego Launches Online Master's Degree in Applied Artificial Intelligence

It was really fun to share my career journey with the Tajikistan dev group. I started out as an ML engineer and then transitioned to Android because of a really strong mentor

Currently, 54 percent of workers reportedly don’t have a mentor, and 76 percent view it as important to their overall success.

Whether you're returning to work, adapting, or moving on, take advantage of this unique moment with five career development activities: befriend machines, build your tribe, make yourself known, make sense, and keep it going.

Not sure what direction to take in your career? KAR Coaching can work with you to ensure you are clear about your next steps. #professionalwomen#careercoaching

Marija Potter, Global Director of Consulting Services at Fuel50, recently presented on a FLINT webinar, where she shared her “3 tips for being Career Agile” -- watch at

We are a unique community of professionals. We are keen to connect you to a mentor that matches your career, professional and socio-economic interests. We are dedicated to helping mentees and mentors communicate conveniently. 1/2

With proper training employees are helped to grow professionally, and they often become happier and more productive. This results to employee retention

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