: Andrew Scheer claims that if he were PM benefits could have flowed weeks earlier as he would’ve just paid them out using the easy to access Conservative Fund.

Because even in a pandemic, it’s all about him. No other Provincial Premier is like this. For a reason.

One of the biggest mysteries to me was the WHO's reluctance to declare COVID-19 a pandemic. It fit all the criteria of a pandemic weeks before they officially called it. If they had acted sooner, March break could have been cancelled.

My Thursday Sun Media column: The World Health Organization's blunder -- trusting what it was being told by China's dictators -- led to the global spread of COVID-19: Canada's mistake, along with most other countries, was trusting the WHO.

The Liberals are willfully blind to Canada's new fiscal reality. With levels of unemployment worse than the Great Depression, we do not have a money to give away!

I just keep thinking about how the Harper Gov't™ silenced scientists. I can not imagine what Canada would be like during pandemic if we had THAT type of leader and government today. I shudder at the thought.

My reaction when the Federal solution to the CERB for students is to provide money for jobs that may or may not exist

At the same time we were bringing Canadians home from China & forcing them into quarantine, about 70 passengers a week were coming in from Hubei. It was suggested they self-isolate. Feds docs are revealing. Read & RT

Saw that Michelle Rempel is trending and immediately thought..”oh did karma find her and give her coron.......... oh. she’s just drunk and running her mouth again”

Meanwhile doctors, nurses, grocers, and truck drivers have been working in hazardous environments since the beginning of the outbreak. Pardon me if I hold my applause.

A series of memos, notes and emails from the Trudeau government do not paint a picture of competence in responding to COVID-19. In fact, it is dissheartening. Read and SHARE what I have found so far.

Trudeau needed 28 days to do a two week self-isolation because anything the government does takes twice as long as it should.

Latest email: “We have overcome diversity before. We will do so again.” ...

: The Archdiocese of Ottawa is asking for an emergency exemption to travel restrictions so they can fly in enough clergy to hear Andrew Scheer’s entire confession.

Every bit as stupid as it seems, Pierre Poutine Poilievre and Rempel (Canada's Sarah Palin only dumber) are Conservative windbags who think they are better qualified than Dr Tam when it comes to expertise in infectious disease, emergency preparedness and health security.

I went to the grocery store today and they were sold out of milk. Good thing we have a supply management system that forces dairy farmers to pour perfectly good milk down the drain!

: Michelle Rempel demands Justin Trudeau and Dr. Tam finally level with the Canadian people and tell them once and for all which Chardonnay pairs well with Pizza 73.

I hope Michelle Rempel complains about this, Canada could use a good laugh.

Out of an abundance of caution, Justin Trudeau will remain in isolation for the rest of his natural life....

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