It’s hard to break through a homicidal global pandemic with news about anything else, really. But the Trudeau family, with their willingness to secretly take hundreds of thousands of dollars from a charity that received a sole-sourced government contract, have done so.

You don't mentor young people by speaking to them for money, nor by lying to them about speaking to them for money.

Justin Trudeau: (1) My family was not paid for WE events (2) The Globe and Mail story (about Lavscam) is false (3) The Aga Khan is a close, personal friend

Mortified, is the right word to describe how I feel about these instances of racist behaviour directed at the campaign. In her response, Dr. Lewis has demonstrated great leadership, the kind of leadership Canada needs.

WE Charity's 2016 Annual Report lists and the PM's Chief of Staff as "Outstanding Partners and Supporters". Was their outstanding partnership and support repaid with free arena rallies and earned media for the PM and other Liberal politicians?

It turns out that Sophie, the wife of , was also paid to appear at a WE event. Between her, Trudeau's mother and brother, the family took in more than $350,000 in appearance fees. Read & RT

I have 300,000 reasons why the PM should step back from his involvement with the WE charity.

"When asked by CBC News on June 26 if they had ever paid the prime minister, his wife, or his mother for their appearances at WE events, WE said their charity “has never paid an honorarium to these individuals for their involvement.” 

Confirmation that Trudeau was directly involved in handing millions to an organization that paid his family hundreds of thousands of dollars is just further proof of how much he sees the Canadian taxpayer as nothing more than his personal piggy bank.

How do you lose a small city worth of people ordered deported? New report from Canada’s Auditor General says the Trudeau Liberals have lost more than 34,000 ordered deported including thousands ordered deported for criminal activity. Read & RT

NEITHER OF THESE TWO NITWITS has done sweet dick-all work-wise, aside from running to the bank to cash tax payer funded cheques whilst compiling gold plated tax payer funded pensions, all the while bawling, whining, bitching and moaning about 'socialism.' Gosh hey?

If you think white male privilege isn't a thing in Canada, please explain Andrew Scheer, Jason Kenney, and Doug Ford. You think a person of color, or even a white woman, would be able to get where they are with their qualifications?

Andrew Scheer asks Justin Trudeau if he will waive "all privileges and confidences so that the Ethics Commissioner can do a full and proper investigation". Trudeau's response was untruthful.

🚨 BREAKING NEWS 🚨 Liberals will run a $343 billion deficit this year alone.

Singh says Rideau Hall incident would have ended differently if suspect was person of colour

Listen to ’s response to a media question on whether he thinks Trudeau should have gone to an in-person meeting with Trump today. Can’t argue with the facts.

I asked the PR team from some basic questions about why they have $43.7 million in real estate holdings in Canada. The PR team didn't respond to my simple questions but their defamation lawyer did. Read & RT

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