🌍🌱Day 290: Last year, I started : in a notebook I write notes, lists, what I did during the day, to do's, how I felt etc. Today, I was curious what I wrote on Day 1. It says: I'm really excited as I started my ! (I mixed up Dutch, German and English).

3 Day game day is here Join us Tonight at 8pmGMT Can rise up and smash this Will it take 1 day or 3 days? Lets get the wins

This game is such a .... But so well built! If you like some good puzzles, try it out!

Day 39: Still trying to work on highlights and shading. Decided to try my hand at drawing Mooncake from Final Space.

time: Can you name your great-great-great-great-great-great Grandmother? Let us know!👇

“Keep your marriage life private. Its between you and your partner. Not between you and the world.”

Nuruhohohoho 😆😆 🔥 I finally did it😆♥️ kinda late.. But better than nthn 😂😂 What do you think? Yea I'm doing tiktok now🌚

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