The Coffin Nail! Evil knows to run and hide when they hear an air compressor turn on in the darkness! Resurrected through sheer force of justice, this rickety vigilante has massacred countless criminals with an egregious amount of pneumatic justice!

Gultch! That horrific haunted suit hero with the taste for blood! Gultch needs to drink the red in order to use his immense strength, luckily sometimes bystanders will volunteer to become donors to help him save the day!

"Girl, please. I'm never not stealing jewels." Catwoman special pose from Harley Quinn Season 2.

My Interpretation of a Homebrew DnD Race 'Astralborn' I did for a friend I had really fun drawing their skin.

The Gold Ring Gang! Horrible carnivorous jackets control a group of greasers down by the docks! They feed off of the blood from the constant rival gang rumbles and you might even say that these jackets are quite tasteful.

Arusi the Sword Surfer! Raised by blades and covered in cuts, Arusi developed a deep friendship with anything bladed during her strange childhood. She can now surf through the skies on swords and carries her kid brother Brant around on her back!

Instagram chose traits and I did a based off that. Very fun challenge, definitely made me think outside my little comfort box!

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