Flavian of asked for a leave of absence after police had discovered a manufacture in a St. apartment belonging to him and run by his associate. As for now, Flavian is a witness in the case

is installing automatic systems for recording emissions of pollutants into the air in coke-agglomerated production at the Plant

President visited the Martial Arts Centre in , reviewed training facilities for kickboxing, karate, fencing & wushu, watched a demonstration given by the centre’s students. More than 170 of its graduates won medals in European (23) & world (20) championships

Visit to the Martial Arts Centre in : Copyright: President Vladimir Putin 7 fascinating photos to view. CLICK for Enlargement - Special group of young people and instructors.

: The President visited the local Chemical-Engineering College and held discussions with the public on personnel training

pays $48.90 / $25 Over 4 goals pays $28.80 / $25 Love this league Many of these guys dont get here to the until they are past their prime Its a shame!! They can play!! The Russian game is a faster pace!! Emphasis is much more on goal scoring

over 4.5 goals +105 +139 Any player who loves international hockey knows many of these guys will be playing sooner than later Streaming ❤

producer PAO issued the Final Acceptance Certificate for a new twin ladle furnace supplied by Technologies to the converter steel works in .

Final pitches of session partnering for 40 students of state university. Insightful ideas💡, authentic involvement of industry experts🏭, bright&motivates students👩‍🎓 and well kept timing⏱ - indeed a successful event! 👍 – at ЧГУ, корпус

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