Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, & Tangled x Love Nikki Crossover From June 4th to June 13th, join the event and gain Disney fairy tale suits, [The Little Mermaid] and [Cinderella].

TOTAL ALBUM STREAMS: 3,031,700,000 Zoey's other albums: THOM: 5,1B zoey.: 3,6B *Only 3 songs have been released off 👑 so far.

Era Streams: -> BOYS Apple Music: 536M Amazon Music: 669M Spotify: 483M Others: 3,2M TOTAL: 1,685,200,000 -> IAS4U Apple Music: 482M Amazon Music: 474M Spotify: 253,5M TOTAL: 1,209,500,000 -> Anticipating Apple Music: 64M Amazon Music: 28M Spotify: 45M TOTAL: 137M

PSA: CINDERELLA starring Brandy and Whitney Houston is free on youtube to watch!! 👑 FOREVER STANNING BLACK !! THE PRINCE IS GIVING A BALL! Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella (1997 Film) via

Why isn’t real life like Disney? Just watched the original animation and man if I had a fairy godmother who could magic me up a horse, carriage and amazing ballgown right now....

Zoey's appearance on SNL drew over 12,67 million viewers, her performance also made ♂️ return to the top 5 of US iTunes. 👑 still tops iTunes preorder charts.

Zoey announced her 2nd headlining tour "Cinderella World Tour" to take place this SUMMER starting on June 20th in Chicago. She will be touring stadiums in Europe ending with 2 dates in her hometown Stockholm! Tickets go on sale tommorow, June 2nd. 💫 👑 🌎

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