Y’all will do anything for put in the work. Stop posing and HELP

This is the most UGLIEST DEGRADING SHIT I HAVE SEEN SOME PEOPLE CAN ACTUALLY LOOK AT THE LIGHT AND MOVE FORWARD AND BE THE BETTER PERSON. This person deleted there tweet because of you fuck you. You don’t stand for beauty and being humble type shit.

🔥🔥 hello I'm Roonie an artist from wyebank....please go listen to my new track titled "Mr lean".....it's a fire song🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Hell yeah we were able to make this clip from the ! Summoms And get Yall! Thank be to

I’m not understanding this video , you mean she can actually sit down and do nothing to a man molesting her and can still video it . WTF

Really??. She is going to post that on her IG saying with some post about helping to restore the community etc....🤦‍♂️ .... Like offset said they do anything for clout .....

i havent gone a day w/o thinking about how the being black effects my experience. i haven’t had that privilege. if getting for graduation is more important than speaking up AT ALL, rethink ur life choices & stop fucking appropriating my culture

Thank you E..: keep warm and safe asian wiv dominatrix and gym class girls flashing

Dude, why do you think you get the privilege to talk to people that you've been haranguing for months on end? Then you talk smash when they joke your method to do get them on your channel. "I'll keep calling you names to egg you on to get you on my channel."

Its clear why this channel is so invested in talking about china, calling it the "Chinese" virus, spewing anti-china sentiments without any human decency.

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