Throwback to my Carol Danvers . I wish I got more pics of this, but it was my comfy for vendor hall day at . Maybe I'll do a real shoot of it while my hair is still blonde.

Glad to be on Twitter again after all this time :) I hope your all ok! I've got a Tiktok account if you want to look at it! called

My phone cannot capture the whole beauty of Red Queen. Sprcial thanks to bustyle_3d on instagram 🥰

  ✦ MACROSS F 10th Anniversary Sheryl Nome   ✦ photo

♥️GUYS PLEASE I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP!!♥️ My photographer said if I reach 10000 Likes 🖤, he will made my Nier: Automata cosplay photobook 😂 Please, guys, I WANT THIS I NEED THIS 🤣🙏

hi!! i’m alex, a cosplayer and i’m super new to twitter!! i wanted to check out the community here! 🌸✨

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