Tbh, after you left from my life, everyday is just amazing without talking to you. I'm seriously happy with your absence. Lowkey you just want me to get down everytime but now I realized alot of things. Sometimes we have to cut off some people just for our inner peace. !

May the first two-digit birthday celebration of your life be as wonderful as paradise. Happy 10th birthday of my 🌟 Ansh. One more thing, don't say anything about the cake....🤭

Shouting 🗣️ all the way from the to to the who I call 😉 and the 🌎 knows as 😏the woman who NEVER lets us give up or count ourselves out, the woman who doesn't mind calling…

Cousin = thieves spend 100 dollars on snacks the. Denie it Lmaoo and tell people your innocent what a good actor

Wondering if U and cuss and tek up wey U left off like me. 1 of my just the blood of JESUS pon mi pon . Fadda please figive sum a di hypocrites dem. Dem cawn do better. Dem interpret the BIBLE to suit dem thinking.

I never thought that We would be experiencing some shit like this in this world😩 I thought we would always just hear/learn about it like history class 💕

"Yes, we are aware of how crazy we are when we are together. No, we don't care."

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