Covid-19 daily case count in Canada has gone from the peak of 2760 to 760 levels

No new cases or fatalities reported in today; hospitalizations have fallen from 4 to 2 and recoveries have risen by 14 -

With Canada approaching 200 deaths per million from we are approaching the top ten worst performers in the world. Regionally, many provinces have done well but nationally the numbers tell a far less flattering story.

How to riot in a pandemic- advice from Dr Theresa Tam. You can’t make this shit up.

Jun 01 More cases: MB, ON, QC, NB & NL BC, AB, SK & NS: Less cases No active cases: PEI, YT, NWT & NU. Test last 24h 30K (up 1K)

Watch coverage of Canada's dangerous vaccine trials with communist China's military Canada is the ONLY country in the world to partner w/ CCP: same regime embroiled in numerous vaccine scandals & that recently threatened Cdns "continuous harm"

🌎 collaboration is a focus of our video interview with Dr. Prystajecky from !

When you “meet” someone on twitter but never in person and they DM to ask if your family has masks and then sends some by post.

Was so nice to just have friends over this weekend! Feels like it’s been forever since I’ve been able to see friends! fuck the corona virus!

Canada has large stockpile of safe/generic that govts won’t allow MDs to use for . Apr21 Apotex, 🇨🇦’s largest generic drug manufacturer & only Cdn manufacturer, donated 2M doses of HCQ to Cdn govt. May4 🇨🇦 received 5M doses of HCQ from India

There will be no full Parliamentary sitting until at least September. Will this limit government oversight amid the pandemic? “I’m concerned for Canadians,” says CTV News Political Analyst Lisa Raitt. More at

Good morning! I could get used to this look. Love how no one can see me. 😷✨ Be safe everyone 💖

Masks are ordered and they will arrive in 3 to 4 weeks we were told today

Three new cases today in , but the rules still don't seem to apply to everyone. Workers at AV Nackawic deserve to be protected from .

While governments have taken some steps, more needs to be done for . As First Ministers meet this evening, we are calling for a coordinated response to the crisis unfolding in long-term care homes.   

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