Do you know that the design etc. of the 'Zepplin' was usurped from the grieving widow of a Jew? Most people don't know that, but it's true. made a few minor modifications, paid a bereaved widow almost nothing & took all the glory.

10 years ago I created a series of computer art devoted to history of computers and machines and exhibited at museum of vintage computing technology! Now you can get a print from best by ordering it here:

A1 / A2 major here. Got C in my A2 Literary Theory class because I could not, and would not, learn my professor's convoluted handbook by heart and write it down verbatim on exam.

Croatian secures majority won Sunday's parliamentary election and - with the help of the liberal People's Party (HNS), the Reformists & minority lawmakers - it has also secured parliamentary majority, the govt spokesman says.

This Sunday, nearly 4 million 🇭🇷 citizens can vote in what will be tight parliamentary with both leading parties, the HDZ and the SDP, neck and neck in the polls. Learn more here, including the measures in place

•The progress of an artist is a continual self-sacrifice, a continual extinction of personality. • Taken with: samsunghrvatska. 📸🌍 _____________________________________________________________

Josip Horvat Međimurec (1904-1945) was a painter. He started working in Zagreb in 1924 and worked there until his death, shortly after the Second World War. He was executed by the Yugoslav communism Partisans, without trial.The place of his burial is unknown.

Necktie emerged in the 17th ct when King Louis XIII hired mercenaries who wore, as a part of their uniform, a piece of cloth around their neck. Fashionable king liked it so much that he made it mandatory for royal gatherings and named it “la cravate” after the Croats.

Many congratulations to and the whole 🇭🇷 Team for the excellent work done during the presidency of the 🇪🇺. Six months of unique challenges during which @EU2020HR showed great resilience and ability in the face of adversity.

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