Wenge scarf holder with black onyx, wenge ring and black leather bracelet: jewelry set for modern and

FLORAL STUDS AND RING COMBO Rs.750 CAN BE CUSTOMISED IN MORE COLOURS . . #jewelrydesigner #jewelrymaking

THE POWER OF TURQUOISE improves the mental state overall by increasing all of the following positive

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LOOK AT THIS CUSTOM BAND! 14k Yellow gold set with custom cut baguettes and rounds?! 🤯🤯🤯 1

I make jewelry from antique sterling silver and silver plated flatware #sterlingjewelry #spoonjewelry

It is hard to fail completely when you are aiming for something big. . How gorgeous is this? . 😳

Hematite sphere pendant necklace. Grounding for the body. Feel balanced, calm, and centered. Eliminates

Sterling and Fine Silver Filigree Flower Pendant 🌸

Verdelite #tourmaline the beautiful blue of summer. One of a kind yet endless combinations of possibilities. #tourmalinejewelry

Have you heard? August is romance month. 🙂 Yep, sure is and Sturm Brothers' wants to celebrate.

Whether you're looking for something elegant and classy to wear out for a night on the town, or you're

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Custom designed white gold ring setting for a vivid blue sapphire with diamonds. #custommadejewelry

We think this is the smallest flower we have ever seen!! We dare you to find us a smaller one!

Ta da! Smoke on the Water is done! And let me tell you, it's freaking gorgeous! This is a custom order

Close your eyes and imagine your dream jewelry collection. Now open your eyes. Alex & Co is here to

#Yogosapphires are some of the most beautiful sapphires in North America. Known for their durability

Una joya especial por cada deseo que quieras hacer realidad. 😍 Back to School aprovecha y haz tu

Another customization. “Can you make these longer?” Sure can! 👍

Impressive one of a kind cuff bracelet in sterling silver, 14K yellow gold, and 18K yellow gold. The

Happy weekend all😎More Sunday preview: B&W Houndstooth wool Moto Jacket, zip up/down, great for Fall♠️Cool

Here's the tray of gemstones I have priced and ready for my next first Friday event on the 6th! I'll

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A custom piece for a dear friend, hand fabricated with mega love. —————————————-——— Sterling

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The final ring that wedding ready! Upgraded to a center diamond over 2 carats, this engagement ring

Add a little sparkle to your life.... or a lot 💎 Stunning classic Tiffany inspired engagement ring

Making adjustments to this bracelet for a nice lady from Greensboro who’s here for the jazz festival

Some of our best jewelry is designed with sapphires. The Australian sapphires on the left in gold rings

14k Enamel Coach Charms By Jesi | DM for Custom Quote Price ⠀ #enamelcoach #coachcharm#goldpendant

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Do you want to see MVF Fine Jewelry in person? It will all be on display next weekend at the Mad River

When designing the engagement ring, we always like to think ahead to the wedding band (or in Kim's case,

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Pop up at @seldenmarket all set up. Got my lucky Buddha with me 🤞

From some pencil lines to a CAD rendering that brings the design to life. Next step, growing the wax

August may be the sign of summer coming to an end, but we sure do love its birthstone! Happy Birthday

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Let us help design the perfect pieces for your special day! Call: 585.641.0798 or visit us in Brighton.

Очень ответственная работа)). Это подарок для девушки на

Continuing to see requests for more bold, gold-forward looks... and we LOVE IT. Bespoke tanzanite necklace

Rings don't have to always be boring, simple, plain and round. Our rings are specially designed to catch

It all started with a sketch & an upcoming Diamond buying trip to Antwerp, Belgium... Fast forward and

Alex & Mark created this classic custom ring filled with meaning. The diamonds in the ring are made

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#AD Sharing my necklace that I was able to design with @baguetteatelier and also the necklace that I

Happy Friday🖤 New rustic copper compasses!🙌 Each one unique and handmade🖤 Also, r.e.s.t.o.c.k.e.d

If you're looking for the most beautiful floral accessories there are, then head over to our website

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Love this photo!! It was such an honor to create such a nature inspired set for this wonderful couple!!

A wedding ring is a special symbol of love. Show off your love when you add custom stackables 💖 . . . . #jewelrymaker

Fancy icy emerald cut natural diamond for sale Welcome to www jogigems com Mail info@jogigems com What's

Whether it's repairs, ring shopping, or trading gold for cash, Temecula's full-service jewelry store

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It started as a treasured gift from her husband. She reached out and wanted to us to create something

I can't decide what's cuter, the multi-colored eyes or the beautiful rose crown!

So graceful...these tapered diamond links overlap to create a lovely eternity band that stands out all

• Vintage Vibes • This lovely set is ready for the center of your choice! The engagement ring is

Here’s another post of our expanded bullet jewelry collection to litter up your feed. #welovesocialmedia

Beautiful Bumblebee Jasper. Ended up giving this to my friend the day I finished it. It's like it was

Our sapphire GeoCuts are from Malawi and Montana, and they’re a wonder to see! These come in multiple

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Meet the new chevron band.👋 . We staggered baguettes to create a band that works as an alternative

FriYay morning vibes... first full week back to school has been looonnngggg!!! Mama tired - Skye tired!!!

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