MMXX Year of the White Rat Old Faith / Cathedral Age of Darkness / Victims Memory / Hope

My today goes out to specifically, because it contains a window. Looking out on a beach in Donegal, possibly by Norah McGuinness.

“Useless Joy” - part of the Abstruct Constracts Series - Day 237 - Construction paper, tissue paper, found paper towels, found drink cup, found wrapper, printer paper, and chalk on cardboard ~ 16” x 13” - -…

A quick warm up sketch from earlier this morning! 😊 I don’t draw a lot of creepier stuff but I really enjoyed sketching this 🔥

Dragon Knight A redraw of old drawing based on my newest OC~

Nothing too fancy today, was just thinking that if we had something like this in sea of thieves, it would be awesome! Having petals flying around as we sailed would be so pretty! ☺️

Shimizu Yuko (Japanese, b. 1965). "Melancholy of Mechagirl" / 2013.

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