drawing day 20something! So so tired. said sloth+autobot+stealth. I made a dumb rule that autobot or deception would have to be based on a G1 character (see day 3, 15 & 20). Mirage is stealthy... I picked mirage. mirage is a sloth now.

Some sublo and tangy mustard fan art. Just started watching the show yesterday and I loved it to death

BeastWars drawing Day 21! wanted to see a mongoose maximal/autobot and left the function up to me. Also if I'm not replying to comments or DM, I'm not trying to be rude. I work 10 hour shifts and the rest of the day goes to drawing.

For the last 48 days I’ve been drawing random patterns daily on small bits of paper. I’ve now filled up my whole notice board.

How do you even stand on two legs?! Haruma is curious to learn how to walk on two legs with a little help from 's OC Mavi. You can do it Haruma!

drawing day 19! said platypus+amphibious combat warrior. Didn't say a faction so I picked. It's a pred! Trying to even out the field a bit. Also, spoiler alert, tomorrow's drawing will also be a platypus

Daily sketch. While painting this I tried to apply some of the things that I learned from yesterday's Leyendecker study.

Kommissions are Open for Fanart Portraits! ✍️😃 Choose your favorite character and I will draw it for you. Examples, Rules and Rates here. RT's are greatly appreciated ❤️

I was able to finally get this up. Boomer A. Tooner is back in another installment called "Episodic Theatrics! 9 pages of fun. Thanks, for the Carl Johns name.

To celebrate my ongoing growth as an artist, I decided to make a collection of sketches. Many of these I've never shared before and I'll be adding one more in the comments. Art is my main source of income right now. Retweets always help!

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