Happiness is: Mr. Potato Head at Currie Family WeeCare in Los Angeles, California 🥔👦🏾

Don't mind us, we're just over here doing smoke bombs and playing Poop Shoot (with fake poop, not real. I feel that should be clarified)

My job is open but my is still closed. I’ve had to take leave at 2/3 my salary for a few days where I don’t have

We welcomed our new regular today the very cute pup called Darcey she had lots of fun playing with her new friends ❤️ She’s going to be one sleepy pup tonight 💤 @ Basingstoke

My daycare is halfway to raising enough money for this baby stroller We are collecting bottles If you have any you would like to donate we can come and pick up (In Red Deer), or you can drop off. Help the babies be able to go for walks and adventures.

Happy ! 🏹 Let’s all salute the REAL superheroes right now, the doctors, nurses, essential workers and first responders. We are so grateful for you. 👦🏻 Dr.Sosa ☺️👚🥼🏩💉🩺🤍

As centers reopen, they can reimagine the way they market themselves to families. This article provides our best advice and a specific action plan to help you market your reopening in this new environment.

A BIG THANK YOU to our educators, cook and administrative team on our first week of reopening! They have done such a tremendous job in ensuring the safety and well being of our children who had joined us in our return this week!

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