_S̸o̶c̶i̸e̴t̶y̷ ̶E̷x̴p̶e̵c̶t̵a̵t̵i̷o̴n̶s̸- (this is based on forced gender roles bk in the day btw if youre confused)

Welp, needed some diversion by creating a fanart of my fave tandem on LoTR. 💖💖 here have some Legolas and Gimli. 🎊🎊🎊

Latest WIP, Coloring and rendering is next, here is the process! n_n

This is an old piece I did for a contest, I think way back 2016 🤔 I still like it to this day ;;7;;

🌸HAPPY 600+ here's my first please join and tag me if you do so 🤗 🌸Use the photo in the right side. 🌸Please join, I wanna see different styles 🥺

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