My mom just told me that her heart melts when I look at her. Maybe her heart is made of ice cream? Or maybe she just loves me a lot! Awww...I think it must be love!💖

Back to normal in Scotland! Sun has vanished and won't be back for a few years! Rain and clouds return! ☔ 🌧️ However, this makes me happy! Better suited for my walks! First good walk in days!

In honor of his birthday on 09 June and his birthday month, we will be posting daily puppy pics!

Nothing makes you SMILE more than looking into the face of a dog that loves you 😍❤️ Clicked !!

Hoomans made me has a baff! I got revenge when I found a swamps and had a wee walk through it 😉 🐾

Mum this morning has been leading the peace negotiations with the sheep This lamb says she is the leader.... I think mum is being FOOLED! She is cute tho..

Good night Europe 🌃 Have a pleasant Monday my North and South American friends! And have a pleasant tomorrow, my Asian and Oz friends x 💕🐾

So today I have been refused to go walkies 🐶 🚶🏻 It's been hot all day 🥵 The slabs were roasting hot on dads feet so he said it wouldn't be nice on my paws 🐾 Now cooler, he's offered walkies & to be honest, i just can't be arsed! No thanks mate!

We're having a little disagreement and are asking for help.😳 I bought a new toy & my husband is annoyed, says there's no room. 🙄 Hamlet & I say he's wrong, there's a perfect spot above the bee toy on the left! Who's right?😬 🤭

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