We arrived in the city of . The habitants were proud and content. We traded a mix of 🎱 in exchange for a pair of 🖖.

to experience in support 4 thru , engagement & development 👉 1st electric will run the streets of very soon - demonstrating solutions 4 future

We arrived by plane to the city of . The locals were sad and distressed. We traded heaps of 📸 in exchange for miscellaneous 🎳.

What a pity. In simular demolishion is taking place.

Earthquake of magnitude 4.0 on the Richter scale struck 304km Southeast of , at 2057 hours: National Center for Seismology

We arrived in the city of . The citizens were tender but lonely. We traded a bunch of 🎤 in exchange for loads of 🐫.

My personal journey of finding my “invisible” childhood friend who happened to have but nobody told me that back then ...He is the only person I knew with DS! I found him and very excited and emotional about it!

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