be like. . Can guarentee that hashtag isn't a thing. I'm a first.

When people call you a goth but you've been the emoist shit since 2002. Once I had a girl come into work and ask me if I was goth or emo? I proceeded to tell her I didnt know as I was too old for all that.

Peace, mercy and blessings of God 🌙 * Evening_ * Rest assured that the moment, no matter how heavy, will pass, you will pass in any way and in any way. * # Remembrance _ evening | Provide it * 🌙🌙 🔹

7 WAYS TO TELL IF YOU'RE EMO (short clip from the full video)

Music for a confinement - Day 26 [Part 1] I'm happy to announce also the Catalan punk-rock trio Taüts joined this campaign with Bandcamp codes of their debut album. 🎧: ⬇️💻: 🏃‍♂️🔙🏃:

quarantine boredom strikes again.............................. . . . lmao

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