I just flipped 220k bells into 3.6 MILLION bells with turnips and paid off my mortgage this morning.馃槍 What have y鈥檃ll done today? 馃檶馃従 馃槀

饾棯饾棽 饾椀饾棶饾槂饾棽 饾榿饾椀饾棽 饾棷饾棽饾榾饾榿 饾棩饾棓饾棫饾棙饾棪 饾棷饾槀饾槅 饾榿饾棶饾椏饾棿饾棽饾榿饾棽饾棻 饾棽饾椇饾棶饾椂饾椆饾榾 饾椈饾椉饾槃 饾棾饾椉饾椏 饾槅饾椉饾槀饾椏 饾棻饾棶饾榿饾棶饾棷饾棶饾榾饾棽! 饾槈饾槓饾槚 饾槗饾槓饾槙饾槖 饾槏饾槚饾槞 饾槞饾槇饾槢饾槍饾槡

If it鈥檚 done too easy, that鈥檚 not it. If it doesn鈥檛 make you feel a little bit scared, that鈥檚 not it. If it does not makes you feel exhilarating, that鈥檚 not it either. It is that thing that makes you want to wake up early and stay up late. 鈥擯hoto by Pablo 脕lvarez

WHY LONG TERM IS HARD and MOSTLY UNAITABLE by THE MAJORITY. This is for every and anyone else who desires to achieve success. If you like it share it with your peers who're like minded. THREAD:

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start... - Maria Robinson

The worst possible use of your time right now as an is to view this time as a holiday. Every day is critical to re-imagine and re-tool your for a post covid world. Now is the time to be working harder than ever before.

Not so good for our Sweden, but i still like the freedom of choosing to go out and work because i know no one including the government would feed my family. They just want to borrow me money so that they take away my house then inorder to pay the debt. Back to work

Due to the on going pandemic which has led to economy standstill. We will be promoting 30 Businesses online. We will recover, It's the little we can do to help each other.

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