The Baltic Sea is a crocodile that is eating up Finland! Sorry you can't unsee that now! It's kinda SILLY, but it's A POINT! Sorry

Looking forward to a renewal of EAfA and proud that is part of the alliance promoting a positive image among in . Great work done by

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Brussels the Heart Of Europe. The City with almost 90 museums, beautiful parks, architecture, churches , the famous Atomium and so many more.

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Today 44 years ago, the was officially founded on 8 July 1976 in Luxembourg! We are proud to have shaped 🇪🇺 in all those years and we keep working hard in those challenging times!

Whilst restrictions are being eased across , the pandemic is raging all around the world as shown in these regional charts from :

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's Sierra Nevada are home to 's southernmost ski resort as well as a host of from ibex to Golden Eagles ☀︎☁︎

When tried to tax Eritrean citizens living in Europe a meager 2%. - BIG PROBLEM When go after bona fide European citizens (+ additional forced US citizenship) with the FULL tax code. NO PROBLEM

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