Seeing my second grandaughter today cant fucking wait it's been so long I forgot what a hugg from her feels like 🥰🥰

The TLOU2 adverts are showing up on tv and I’m literally sweating 😍

Before I left home today, skin update 😊😊😊 And no ill side effects today 🤞

Shamshaan- Maya x Vilen x bigSsmoke Audio Releasing on 18 June 🌹 ?

My reward to myself for being a very good boy during lockdown.

Busy making production plans for a collaboration with

A huge thank you to Boothferry Friends for agreeing to my request of buying us 2 amazing wooden reading TeePees for the school field to help promote reading outdoors! ⛺️📚

Off to sleep, tomorrow am finally finishing illustrations for the winners of last month's giveaway.

The time has come to introduce our new PLAs! Introducing Marco Torres , PLA of 4B. One goal he has is, “To make my PL group a place that can be an escape from school. I want our group to feel like a close group of friends and not like a school activity.”

Here’s my new Youtube Channel logo ! More info on my channel will be released this week!

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