I was hoping for a reply 😔 but I get it he's probably to busy, but I did get my jersey already, now just waiting on that football to get here. can you guy's help me get him to notice me 😊

One of the most toxic things I've done is ignore the bad in someone because I wanted to keep them in my life. Never f*ckinh again. 💜

I C E Y N I N J A Ive been thinking about cold lately so i thought i might just do one Og artist is tony_kei_art   #🔥

D e a d b i o h a z a r d a z w o r l d I allways somewhat thought of that as a second option instead of zombies Og artist is tony_kei_art   #🔥  

Y Tal vez Karla Panini no se hubiera metido con el esposo de su mejor amiga SI ALGUIEN NO HUBIERA TRAICIONADO A SU PRIMO VALENTIN ELIZALDE 🤬🤬🤬 🙂

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