My mentions after Foldi dropped another with me on it.

Reposting this just because I want their kits and jumpers.

Gotta love published authors who aren’t afraid to mingle with the common folk in the Twitterverse. There’s many worth following; here’s but three.

Just because the greatest RunningBack in Carlisle and SWBL Buckeye history and Carlisle great #2 rusher has a Chey connection that you need a connection to Chey Reed to be a great Rb, but maybe. Family Football Friday

FreedomFollowFriday….. ty for an rt or like and intro to more freedom loving followers

Thank you for your support & these kind words ! We still have orders trickling in - if anyone wants a copy email/PayPal [email protected] Proud our work is able to support this cause thanks to your generosity ❤️

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