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Çanakkale onsekiz Mart üniversitesi tekstil Tasarım bölümünü kazanan öğrencimiz @m.kerem.ozkan

دست فروش خیابان انقلاب. راپید، قلم فلزی روی مقوا #drawing #drawingsketch

Back to Monday costume portrait at @atelier_art_studio Trying color this time. #lifedrawing #figuredrawing

Çanakkale onsekiz Mart üniversitesi tekstil Tasarım bölümünü kazanan öğrencimiz @senanuy gönülden

Another quick selfie in charcoal. About two minutes. These are always a departure from my more meticulous

Dibujo de ayer , se supinia que solo tendría que ir el que está de lado derecho pero por problemas

Life drawing yesterday ✏️. I love how colored pencil gets more vivid when you press down harder!

Throwback to January and #januariskauen . Sometimes I take a step back , so I better know where I am

Festival revellers; making they’re way through the mud. I loved this ladies style - effortlessly cool

Keep working 🎨 . . Dün yaptığınız şey size hala çok iyi görünüyorsa, bugün yeterli değilsiniz

Some simple smol drawings of @qrushan101 by @priberry from Sunday’s session . . . . #ink #grey . #lifedrawing

#observationaldrawing at the Barbican. Still have no idea how I'm supposed to draw people that are moving

Doing a challenge with my friend @nikolay5244 involving drawing scantily clad women in different clothing

These drawings takes to me normally 2-3 hours, except some drawings that give to me some extra work.

Bisita y vozeto rapido en el museo ruso de malaga. Sobre maria bashkirtseff #sketchbook #sketch #quickdrawing

La face cachée Détail Acrylique sur toile acryl on canvas 100x 120cm #abstractpainting Du hasard de

Posing last night for the Oklahoma Academy of Classical Art! Such a fun group of ladies at this Monday

👉 Twitch.tv/Andreloilustra 👈 Aquí estaré cada tanto dibujando en vivo. Bocetando. Haciendo

page from sketchbook8📒🖊 • • Working on pushing these drawings further into abstractions that

Alone: the standby pt.1 new series with my no name characters. Decided to make everyone “no names”

20 minutes sketch in pastel & charcoal on craft paper from last night's @atynudes at Sloan's, Glasgow. . . . #alltheyoungnudes

@desiperkins is one of the few influencers I follow. She’s fun, she’s real and she’s such an inspiration.

So cool they call me culo.

Gotta get back into gesture drawing 💪🤔 . . . #dancer #dance #gesturedrawing #gesture #charcoaldrawing