Those who are rigid will not be victorious in times of change. This has been proven many times throughout history.

Be stubborn about your goals But be flexible about your methods!

An amazing week! HUGE gratitude to so many employees in all roles! Thank you for all you have done in supporting students and families in doing the best we can in moving to remote/virtual learning.

Let’s remember that after physical exercise, among other benefits, improves our . This is because these exercises lengthen our muscles and prevent injuries when we play sports.

Thanks to the of our KUKA language, HAHN Automation was able to coordinate the motions of a KR QUANTEC and KR CYBERTECH to work together to & punch parts that meet customer cycle time and quality requirements. >>

Mornings with my littles Missing my flexible Friday crew but can’t wait to kick off our virtual sessions tomorrow!

Are you stuck inside with your loved one? There are plenty of stretching exercises you can do together with our ! The couple who stretch together, stay together... or something like that 😂

Reading with a student today. He didn’t want to use the video option. We read together And had a good conversation.

Join us today at 12PM on Instagram for some upper body stretching . Our IG handle is @stretchspotsb

Guess I am in my feelings today. I am tired and a little overwhelmed, so I can’t imagine what some kids and families are going through. Remember....Relationships and Connections First and Foremost!

Zoom Yoga session today at 3pm. Check TeamBuildr for Meeting Code and Information!!

After weeks of thinking about , my plan is: pre-recorded lessons so that Ss can work at their own pace, office hours to give Ss a chance to ask questions in real-time and gradually easing Ss back into learning. The goal is to provide for learners.

Yoga with Campus Recreation’s Juris during this time when the facility is off limits.

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