Quarantine Quickies Day 77 - JUST Hanging On I love this shot from back in the day of a little manatee from , just barely hanging on to Mom. Luckily this is a quiet and calm spring, so baby…

You hid this from , you are a traitor to America. People place their hand on the Bible and swear to uphold the Constitution. They don't put their hand on the Constitution and swear to uphold the Bible

*VIEW FULL SCREEN PLEASE* I hope everyone is doing well and prepared for the next round of burrowing owl images!!

🚨BREAKING: shatters its 1-day record of cases with 11,458—beating prior record of 10,109 by 13%. Hospitalizations are surging in Miami-Dade; has refused to release statewide #’s. deaths soon will rise.😰

10000 positive tests in one day in is unsettling & certainly not irrelevant But many of them won’t get sick The real concern is how many high risk people will they end up infecting Why we need daily numbers on admissions for -19 treatment in hospitals & in ICU

surge isn’t because opened too fast It’s because we got complacent &/or assumed group socializing was safe Lockdown isn’t the answer We need to: -restrict settings conducive to spread -indoor mask-wearing -protect +65 & high-risk -daily #’s for admissions & ICU

I'm aware of the issue with more than a thousand cases missing from the data, and the high number of cases added today. We're working to check this missing cases and will update via our website later today

🚨BREAKING: reports 10,109 new cases, shattering its prior single-day record. 's total case count is 169,106, higher than *most countries*. cases are rising exponentially across the US. The death toll will soon soar.😰

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