she lived with hurricane eyes and fell in love with the way the waves collapsed against her cheeks.

Do you want to know what is happening in France? 1,000 jobs at Sanofi 5,000 jobs at AirBus 1,233 jobs at Nokia 7,580 jobs at AirFrance 4,600 jobs at Renault 580 jobs at NextRadioTV 583 jobs at TUI France

Hard to believe this was possible; now seems 1000 years ago. What popped up this morning on my iPhone under “one year ago this week” heading and

Overall mortality in 1980 to 2020. Who would have thought that in January 2017 more people died than in March 2020? Pas de , pas de en 2017.

🧭 France Visits You! 🇫🇷 Gordes is a Provençal village which is listed as one of the most beautiful village in France. Check Out 👉 for great destinations 📍 📍🇫🇷

Ranjit Goraya Singh, a native of France, hs been elected as the first Deputy Mayor of , . to him. He originally belongs to Sekha village .

When Jean-Luc Mélenchon literally makes fun of Emmanuel Macron on Tik Tok and quotes Wejdene “You're out of my sight”

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