🔴Coronavirus (COVID-19) in 🇫🇷 🕔 Last 24 hours, ➕New Cases: ➕New Deaths: 1,417 😷 Total Confirmed Cases: 98,010 ☹️ Total Deaths: 10,328 🛌 ICU: 7,072 !! 📈 Fatality Rate: 10.54% 🧪 Total Tests: 224,254 🙂 Total Recovered : 17,250 🕔UPDATE: Apr 07, 17:36 (GMT)

Ghis is watching a movie on Disney + I'm relaxing and you? what do you do during confinement? 🐾

Masks during the 'Spanish Flu' of 1918. Researchers including John Barry, E. Jordan and MacFarlane Burnet believe that came from Kansas, and was spread by US soldiers travelling to . The real origins of are still unclear.

reported its highest single-day death toll since the pandemic started in the country, Health Minister Olivier Veran said. The 833 deaths registered on Monday include fatalities from hospitals & care homes, bringing the country's overall death toll to 8,911.

I saw my neighbour from a km away, today. I swapped him some eggs for some of their goat's cheese. I mentioned that we were fine apart from not having much wood left for our burner. He told me to help myself from his stock anytime I like. That's what neighbours do here.

Portraits of medical staffers on the frontline at the Georges Pompidou Hospital in Paris. 📸

Incredible! Venus transiting over the 7 sisters-Pleiades. Taken by Fred Mi on April 4, 2020 ,

14 african countries are obliged by France, trough a colonial pact, to put 85% of their foreign reserve into France central bank under French minister of Finance control. Until now, 2014, and about 13 other african countries still have to pay colonial debt to .

Having fun with my french 1984 coins (pieforts, extremely low mintage):

KNIFE TERRORIST KILLS TWO Man struck while France in lockdown Two people have been stabbed to death + at least four others injured in a suspected terrorist attack in lockdown 🇫🇷

🇳🇬Uche Okechukwu and 🇳🇬Austin Okocha line up for Fenerbache in 1996: • They belong to that golden generation at 94 94 96 and 98.

Wake up slowly...Good morning friends! With my boy we wish you a beautiful Sunday 🐾💙 Stay at home & stay safe 😷🙏🏻

If you’re an Islamic terrorist who goes on a rampage killing innocents in the name of allahu akbar, don’t panic, you’ll get a free pass by our press, as they will claim you have mental health issues, in fear of offending our Muslim community. Strange world.

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