my honey did this of you with pencil and pastels I would be so honored if you would bless it with some love and encouraging words as he is an aspiring artist and very passionate about his drawings

That also was a tough one! Look at the shirt’s details! It was so beautiful that I tried to draw it as decorations. -Prince Caspian; The Chronicles of Narnia, 2008 -Copics, pen brush, tip ex ps: Caspian changes boots during the movie but not pants? :o

Thanks to ’s advice, I’ll try to draw men. & I feel like drawing characters in a chronological way. This costume tells a lot about the character. It’s very interesting! -Dunstan Thorne; Stardust, 2007 -Copics, pen brush, tip ex

i tried to cut my hair today and apparently the style I was going for was early onset male pattern baldness 😅

April’s fool in France is called April’s fish, & kids do pranks by quietly putting a paper fish in our back. So a fish, & that’s my favorite mermaid. The hat is so stylish! -Mermaid from Peter Pan, animated by Fred Moore, 1953 -Copics, pen brush & tip ex

I love the gift that God gave me ❤️ I can do free hand drawings and not a lot of people can do free hand drawing that well and some can if they keep practicing 😉😁

Hello everyone, I am finally trying to use my twitter account xD; here a from the other day :)

Eeeee princesu Serenity 🌙⭐️🌎 -Palladio dress, Dior, 1992 -Copics, pen brush & tip ex

-Dress « Partie fine », SS 1951, Christian Dior -Copics, pen brush, tip ex

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