OK.OK. After playing Yakuza 6 for 8 hours I can say: Yakuza 6 = Witcher 3. Maybe even slightly better( comedy points). Pace, story, side quests, activities, music - all on spot. If I would be Off and marry a thing it would be Yakuza 6 game.

Just a quick drawing of Tristana, the character I play best ... or rather, the only one I know how to play haha 💥💥

Time to solve the mystery! "The Devil's Detective: The Truth Exposed" has been released! **Please use spoiler warnings in the comments!**

shit hit's differently when you're staring down the fruit of your own hard work 🌹👇🏾.

🔥The release of Doom Eternal was pretty wild… but the release of Animal Crossing was insane. Tbh the saltiness was hilarious tho. 🍃 This comic was inspired by

And here comes the first one! Grab a screenshot and share it with us when you see the pack of Wai Wai. . .

Who Remembers the Pac-Man: The Animated Series? (1982-1983) The Cartoon Lasted for 2 Seasons (44 Episodes) and Featured our Arcade Hero Pac-Man, Pepper and Baby Pac.

Got a much needed update to the background layers and added depth to the wall tiles.

What do you think of my game?? If you like it, share it with others who might be into it too!

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