It amazing seeing how people handle themselves in difficult times. How they keep their heads up high and stay positive. I know that personally falling to your demons is easy and so hard to escape from. These people are an inspiration.

| Why is it everytime I see that image from TLOU2 they remind me a little bit of James McAvoy from Glass. It's probably just me though to be fair. 😂

Something a little different for My childhood TomyTronic Caveman game/toy. Tomy made some great battery powered games like this back in the day! Anyone still got their childhood toys boxed? I cry thinking what I use to have that was thrown out! 😳

Literally the two things I want for birthday or Christmas this year. Yes I love deadpool. And the megadrive mini is for the Megaman wily Wars. Plus a few other classics ❤️. I will own these 🤣❤️ what’s on your birthday or Christmas list?

I own an Xbox One and I harness its power to play Atari 2600. And 60 points in Sky Diver is respectable...I think.

I been play for the all day today. Anyone remember owning or playing this game?

📢🗣️Giveaway Announcement🗣️📢 I am giving away a copy of Ghost of Tsushima or Paper Mario! To enter: 💭Retweet 💭Follow me 💭Comment with your preference Winner will be announced on 7/16!

I had to end my stream early due to connection issues with either Twitch or my home network, but thank you for tuning in & bearing with me. I'll be replaying the episode on Saturday at 10pm CDT due to the interruptions. See ya then!

🕹 gamer question for the day 🕹 When playing driving games do you use the the dashboard camera angle or the outside camera angle Personally I prefer the outside look

Calling all blockchain game enthusiasts: we are thrilled to announce the Enjin Envoy Program! 🤝 50% commission on Platform referrals 🧥 Custom merch ⚡️ Exclusive blockchain badge 🍕 Event support ...and more! Learn more and apply:

It’s that time of the year! I’ve been waiting since last July to post this one again...

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