I almost wrecked my car when described how he was foiled in his attempts to cheat in by.... Geometry!

cool "curvature" shader, allowing to easily bend 3d objects without edition (objects at the back are capsules) soon in , the new game

Quarter circle and semicircle inside a triangle. What is the area of the triangle?

Well Bev got super triggred by facts and reality so instead of dealing with it he had to block . 🤷‍♂️

Polygon with 10,000 surface normals. Testing this out on image of Longisquama insignis (extinct reptile) by Nobu Tamura (vectorized by T. Michael Keesey). Done with the sf package!

One more Geometry GIF before the Easter Holidays! Some Triangle Centres this time. Click/Press image to pause. Visit for more.

get the basics of ith my light heated Euclid - the man who invented Geometry videos

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