A spokesperson for the US embassy in confirmed the US did not divert a shipment of bound for from an airport in , as was falsely claimed by Berlin’s Senator of the Interior, Andreas Geisel.

When Abba Kyari went to to negotiate deal for power sector according to them, we all saw the update vividly. Now the same news told us that Abba Kyari is in , Buhari in Abuja, but we haven’t seen anything to justify this claim? Why are this people lying this high?

Start of a new bull market? 's Dax rises 20% from March18 closing level.

650 Saudi doctors in ,  They stand with their German colleagues in fight.

Good Fri & Easter Mon are public holidays in , shops closed, i.e. everyone does a mega shop on Thu before. I thought I'd go today, well in advance. Unfortunately (according to staff at Lidl), that's what the govt advised on the radio. So *everyone* went this morning. 😳😂

Somewhere in Germany bags of foods are hanged out for the poor needy and hungry. No public display, no video, no grammar, no drama, no cameras as we do here.. Just only pure love and goodwill.

Germany gone now .Germans will hear this 5 times a day every day.Even on weekends and long weekends.

A historical drama, skillfully staged: The Sony Channel has secured the rights to the historical ITV series On April 13, from 8:15 p.m., the period drama, distributed worldwide by BBC Studios, celebrates its German premiere on the channel for European series

Yesterday, I came across this old children's book, handed down by my grandparents. It has (reasonably graphic) stories & lessons for kids on how to 'behave'. It also literally says "tear-proof" on the top left hand corner. 😉

has increased the number of intensive care quite quickly, from 28k to 40k, of which 15-20k are available. I was curious why, so I asked a health economist. /thread

in : In 1885, Gottlieb received a for the grandfather clock engine he had invented. It powers the first developed with a petrol engine, the so-called riding car.

Spanish Air Force A400 T.23-05 departed Zaragoza en route to to bring respirators.

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