Start a ginger bug today and you should be able to make your first batch of ginger beer (or hibiscus soda, naturally carbonated lemonade, fizzy fruit juice...) by the end of the week.

Wishing my friend and co-host happy birthday today! Drinks are on me. Top of the list Enjoy!

So I tried ginger beer recipe and my oh my! It is good! So I had to make a Moscow Mule with it. Watch it here ->

v3 Brown Paper Bag. Less ginger, less lime. Ginger People ginger juice instead of freshly juiced ginger. Pre-ferment tasted really nice, gentle but still a bit of a bite. Now I have to wait 48 hours 😞

Basically the most refreshing beverage I've had. Ever. I like it a bit spicy but not too tangy, and James prefers it sweeter and more mild. We kinda do something in the middle. How do you like your Ginger Beer/Ale?

How to Make a Ginger Bug If you aren't familiar with naturally fermented beverages, you might be asking what the heck a ginger bug is and why you should make one…

GINGER BINGE. 🍑 My brunchy tribute to Orlando's hamburgermary hostess with the mostess. Today's Zen quarantine experiment is a white Port and sangria with peaches, plums and a splash of . How'm I…

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