Not all girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice ... some girls are made of sarcasm, wine, and everything fine 🤍🤍🤍 . . . . .

Fishing trip Sunday with my baby sis and mom 🥰

Back when fans had a food truck support for Yura for After The Play Ends! Girl's Day fans, dcgallery and marbling are so cool. Amazing fantaken pics too from yaonge41

Today was a good day, I spent the day shopping with my girls. Today is payday and Kohl’s cash was burning a whole In my pockets, lol. I bought the girls and I some stuff, I also took them out for Ice Cream.

Floor work isn't bad, but definitely need to work on my core and upper body strength. Thank you for the burgundybliss2020 and daniellesaintvelvet I am so grateful for you both in my life…

Time to get up and get ready for a road trip today!!

DOES IT HOLD UP? Girl's Day(걸스데이) 'Something' Official MV REACTION! DOES IT HOLD UP? Hail... via

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