“Going Out” Ep5 is now live! By far, this one is THE MOST ENTERTAINING 😂! This week, taniateyacapan shows us how to suit up for the night! Don’t miss this one... trust ✊😝 . . .

Our new and improved POS software, OrdyxOne, offers a faster response time, a fresh look, new functionality, and can run on Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android. Call today for a demo!

The sun is out, the vibe is good and its hunter gatherer day. So excited to see real live people in the flesh! But at a distance, it might be invisible but that 2m line is there okay? To misquote Johnny Castle ... "this is my dance space so back the hell up!"

Who is waiting for coronavirus to be over so you can dress up again?? Get in touch for your personal shopping service in the UK. Shipping worldwide.

Yup. The mood has totally changed in this country. I fear for the citizens because they are going to stick their middle finger up at Johnson & Cummings and go bloody out after staying home for 8 weeks! Watch them go.

It Is Opening!!! It is Friday! LAUGH, LOVE, CARE, LIVE – Girl On Fire # !

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