There’s this from howard who is determined to block me on all platforms despite never having an interaction with me a day in their life.

Yesterday I sobbed on the brown line twice: first in the morning upon realizing how grey the sky was second in the evening when i was having an episode just Chicago things

welp my fav team may not be on the field right now but at least i saw my fav lil guys with their new commercial :) ;) cant wait to see the new movie

My husband gave me the BEST Xmas present today! Our gorl with my favorite reactors, and . I love love it and hope they will, too. This is so great!

look at my beautiful bitch. isnt she the greatest thing youve ever goddamn seen?! yes is the only answer i will take.

You know what’s really telling here? The hashtag that says StopBodyShaming. Only Manipulatorlynn would write that because only SHE thinks that’s the reason why we shade her. is in .

1 like and i’ll drop out of school

Thanks a million for the ~ And I'll have you know that I plan a 25-city tour with audience Q&As at huge Theaters in the and so don't dare sleep ~ the by for today! 💯🔥

Renaissance Leadership delivered donuts and juice to the campus supervisors today in appreciation of all of their help!

Is it still vegetable soup if you put beef in it!?! 😳🤔 🙃

My and I on NYE as it should always be! So glad that 2019 was welcomed with a sip of wine and a bad bicth to laugh with. We are LADIES WHOM LUNCHÉD!

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