Next year, we´ll celebrate 400th anniversary 🎉🥳. Here are a few historical tidbits and events that shaped Gothenburg over the past 400 years.

Career tip for landing jobs like "Retail Team Member" in , NE. Go on informational interviews. The best way to get a meeting with a hiring manager is to ask for an informational meeting.

Tyska bron, the restaurant on the Canal. Sit back and relax at the sunny deck while the Paddan sightseeing boat and kayaks pass by.

And here ends 2 lovely weeks in . Great weather. 3 books read. A lovely break!

INTOXICATE New Lyric Video "Cross Contamination", taken from same titled debut album, which was released in October 2019 via  

I love it when artists let their feelings show. Hope to see in before too long.

The leaders of 's regime must bring to justice for every single crime they have committed against humanity, from the execution of 30,000 political prisoners in the to . The wish of Iranians in

Liseberg may be closed, but there is still a lot of fun to be had in Gothenburg. We've updated our 10 must-do's when visiting with things you can experience right now! 😊

Day 25: Left Bortan today. Thanks for the hospitality petterd83! We had an awesome time🤘The adventure will now continue in . 🧜‍♀️ @ Bortan, Värmlands Län, Sweden

Bought more hair colors from Shock in Gothenburg. But they didn't have the right blue. Gonna soon be hard getting them cause the covid situation

Bought two shirts from Grothica. Always nice visit my favorite, alternative shop in Gothenburg.

See our latest , NE job and click to apply: LEAD SALES ASSOCIATE-PT in GOTHENBURG, NE -

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