LEFT: Cover of Dutch magazine Elsevier falsely stereotyping South Europeans as lazy and unproductive. RIGHT: Post by — a Dutch professional who spent 4 years living in — about what Southern Europeans really looks like.

Workers in food/drink and tourism services protest outside the Ministry of Labor in Athens, police fires tear gas.

work and save lives. The evidence is clear and , after a decade of austerity, with only 565 ICU beds, elderly population, and a fragile economy is an example. Well done! As a Greek resident abroad I'm very proud of what Greece has accomplished! Enjoy responsibly

PM Mitsotakis says United States set to be left off list of countries allowed to resume direct flights to Greece on June15/July 1 but could be added later. HT

Portraits of MSF hygiene agents while they are getting ready to work in the inpatient media unit in Moria camp located in Lesbos, .

Good morning, my friend. 🤗🌈🌻☕ It is a beautiful sunny day. Give a stranger a smile. So he has also seen the beauty of the day. 🙃😉 Pictures: ; Santorini, Emborio

What Nancy did is some Exceptional. It was above our imagination and expectation for the concept of live concert. Your words, positivity , good spirit will fill the Whole World😍😍 Much Love from 🇬🇷

"HANDS UP" 🤚 If you’re already starting to feel the Mediterranean Blues? 💙🇬🇷☀

The incomparable Derveni crater in Thessalonike Bronze, around 320BC, with Bacchus and Ariadne, satyrs & Maenads, flowers & animals. 1000s of beautiful vessels in silver, bronze & gold came to ancient Rome, creating a hunger for luxury

Very rare opportunity to see the Acropolis without people. *Amazing*

Good morning, my dear friend. 🌈🌻☕ My home is where my heart is ... and my heart is with you. ❤ Picture: Santorini

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