It’s funny with Griezman, people only seem to remember the last year & say he’s crap. Yet with Bale people say he is still world class. For 2 years now bale is dogshit, apart from that UCL final. Different players, Different rules i guess.

[] Antoine Griezmann is non-transferable and won't be part of any deal, including for Lautaro Martinez. (⭐⭐)

My team is really feeling class tonight. Unsurprisingly just made this guy rage quit with this! Absolute limbs!

I saw this guy, they where dragging him into hell, I couldn't snap his full face.. please who knows who he is? Ese oruru

According to Dailymail, Dani Ceballos has expressly spoken that he can't wait to go back to Real Madrid when the season is over, do you think the gunners would miss his services??

Imagine how many iconic celebrations griezmann would have planned In his head but he does not have the liberty to celebrate in Barcelona

We can't wait to watch the players start banging in goals! 🔥 Which signature celebration do you think is the best one? 🕺🏽 --

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