Being harassed by the older version of Dylan Costello on Facebook and then I get this shit 🥴🥴🥴🥴

Got PROBLEM with time?Do something about it!IF YOU WANT IT GO GET IT!The truth is YOU HAVE TIME,YOU MAKE THE TIME! EXCUSES sounds best to the person who’s making them up.Don’t make excuse,make the time!Awaken the BEAST inside💪

🎶I need a mop to clean the floor, it's too much , ooh I keep a knot, I keep a watch, I keep a whip, ooh🎶

Lockdown leg day done ✅ weights then a lovely bike ride along the River Tyne

When you’re a addict but also a broke student, so you just have to patiently wait for better days with a full chart 🙈

Early morning = morning workout.. this will buy me more time through the day to check other things off my to-do list. Morning workouts are also great for setting a positive mindset for the day.

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