Your Favourite Song From movie ?? Reply with the Hashtag Mine : '' Egire mabbula lona '' song

❦Open your eyes to nature’s beauty wherever you are—a bird, a tree, sunlight; celebrate that your life is a beautiful part of it... and simpler than you make it. ~Anne Scottlin

Franz Dvorak (1862-1927) was a Czech painter who painted colorful and joyful scenes. In the Orchard is a great example of his energetic brushstrokes and colorful swirls.

This is awesome! Missed my 10k shoutout so not missing this :) Thanks all it's been an amazing ride and I never for a million years thought I would get this many subscribers.

World Health Day 2020 Healthcare professionals make a living by what they give, but they make a life by what they give.

I was having a digital storage clear out and just came across this photo of my garden in summer - it made me feel . Post up a shot of your garden in its prime - let's feel better together

Good morning everybody serena Sunday great weekend stay safe home

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