When you find out that those you have held in high regard and looked to for inspiration and hope turned out to be the epitome of evil. They were faking the whole time.

trying 2 catch my breath..... Not cool bro very

He’s hanging out with other Del taco bitches 😓

We have been a little quiet on this account, but tomorrow we say goodbye to Hunter's best friend. Together 10 years.

It hurts when you’re up at 3am thinking about how you weren’t good enough or why💔🥺

Forgive me Loves lost it’s light Giving way to sleepless night Heart broken tranquility Breathless reality Trying to find serenity Numb to everything The weight of each tear Remind me I am alive Yet I still scream to live Long to live once more

Just drove past some skaters in a parking lot and I’m I didn’t pull up 🤧💔 like one of them could have been my soul mate.....

I always enjoyed teaching my students about during NC Music in our schools month. I'm today. Thank you for the music, Mr. Daniels! 💔🎶

. Thank you Charlie Daniels for your daily prayers and love of our country. You lifted us up.

Godspeed, Charlie. A true Southern gentleman. Thank you for everything.

Just learned legendary superstar Charlie Daniels, 83, has died. was the greatest. A wonderful entertainer, Christian gentleman, servant to our veterans like no other, & humble, kind man despite being multi-talented, successful, and hard working.

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