"After a day’s walk, everything has twice its usual value." - G.M. Trevelyan A beautiful quote that really exhibits the power of and getting outside for a nice walk.

Beautiful day! Afternoon hike in the hills after a stressful morning. 3.6 miles

A few pictures. Listening to respighi, Holst, Schwantner, and podcasts on Randolph Trails!

It's looking REALLY palouse-y out this memorial day weekend. We love it!

Hiking is not a dying sport, nature is waiting for us even if it is between 6am & 9am. Let's have some fun.

Welcome to Yorkshire Dreaming! Years ago I fell in love with a Yorkshireman <3 Soon after I fell in love with ! I now live here and enjoy , exploring and dreaming of Yorkshire! Pic taken of me in woods

With lockdown easing I finally got to explore a bit of New Mexico.

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