I think people are realising with the Vlogs appearing from the TOP TOP STARS That TALENT has very little to do with success

Elite Global Is: Rothschilds Rocafellers Billderbergs Etc. They're Jews They're live in several Countries and coincidentially in USA They're ready to make a preparation for The AntiChrist arrival [Emerging] Viola.... Anda telah ditipu oleh Media....

Whoever I can teach, and wherever I can entertain, being or doing movies, is exactly where I am most happiest. Love our men and women!!

actor Keith Lawrence Middlebrook has been arrested by the for selling what he claimed to be a cure for the that he also said he developed, according to a news release issued by the .

I just love the fact that finally people think more of truck drivers and grocery store clerks than they do about worthless Hollywood celebrities.

Typical liberal elitist “Sunset last night. Isolated in the Grenadines, avoiding the virus. I'm hoping everybody is staying safe. '' Billionaire movie mogul David Geffen's Insta musings showing his mega-yacht sailing on smooth waters while the rest of the world suffers

“Old Days”Brooklyn Dodger Rookie Sandy Koufax meets with Legendary Entertainer Jimmy Durante during 1955 Spring Training.

whyyyyy are all the celebrities changing their banners to a solid color???????? This is a freaky movie we are in right now....

Oh my, how will the community survive without their 200+ award shows in 2020? It's going to be hard to not be able to pat each other on the back a million times for projects that most are NOT that great. 😂 Oh my, my, my.

I see a lot of stepping into reader/responder role, which is fantastic. However, I want to encourage another step. Connect people! Today, I introduced a writer to a manager. I don’t know where it will go but I was happy to do it. Open your network. It matters.

In an IG series of some of the worst acting I’ve seen, attempts to drop his balls by calling very intelligent people like me, MF several times. So of course, I have to call him out. Let’s see what kind of script his buddies can write this time. 😆

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