to pause processing law-enforcement requests for user data in (Reuters)

China is a traitor country. He has oppressed his own people, such as भारत माता की जय,🇮🇳

A thumping when 53 countries supported China's national security law for at 44th Session of Council in on Tuesday, triumphing over 27 members that attacked and called for harsh measures against China  

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Hong Kong came into effect on 30.06.20. Some call it 'the end of ', while others look at it as yet another chapter of turmoil in this region that China leased to Britain for 99 years. What led to China leasing it to Britain? Read:

The water canon truck accurately spotted me, by myself and in full press gear, holding a phone behind a lamp post 🙄

Breaking: police has raised “purple flag” and warned crowds in Causeway Bay could be engaged in conducts violating national secuirty law.

Police in Causeway Bay raise the blue banner and the new purple banner specifically for alleged national security law violations

- excuse the blurry picture - Police flashed it's new flag warning people of them potentially violating the national security law in Causeway Bay

via : Democratic Party legislator Andrew Wan, who was pepper sprayed in his eyes and face, is under arrest, with hands tied at his back.

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