is healing the planet on huge scale.India has never seen such improvements in decades.This is the last & final warning by and if we also ignore it then we are ignoring consequences which can destroy the great .

Farmers Quote Tillage Begins Founders of Human Civilization Inspirational Quote Danial Webster Wooden Sign 1840s Saying Carved in Wood lcww via

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I am in the peninsula at the International literature festival and the festival is closing with wonderful Indian music 📚 Because all cultures in the world belong to and is all about that it 🌍🌳🧚🏽‍♀️

Was not just a physical place, but an era of ? In this second episode, we’ll examine the evidence for possible locations of these Atlantean kingdoms such as Bolivia, Azores, and . Don't miss our YT premier at 3pm EST.

The Living Planet Index details how 's uncontrolled of land, food and natural resources has eliminated a majority of the on the planet_ threatening as well as the world's _ via

A below , there's a huge reservoir. It erupts roughly every 600000 years, and it's due. An eruption could lead to the end of . is trying to figure out how to contain it.

Indeed.. The Sustainability of History ( and of ), Critically Depend on Guaranteeing, DIGNITY for all, at all times, and under all circumstances..Because we are all .

will now forever be known as the day we learned of the demise of one of the greatest minds the has ever known. So much learned, so much more 2 learn. Thank you 4 everything you brought to us with intellect, humor & inspiration.

History of on this land stretches back over millennia whereas the period has been 'nasty, brutish and short'

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