Me hears noices in a haunted house. Ghost pops up. Me:aaaaaa. ... Goddamnit you scared the hell out of me. I thought you were a human or burglar. Or a murderer. They are hella scary. You cool, carry on with what you we're doing ... Ghost is like

If your kids are getting restless during the quarantine, there are always new indoor activities to try.

calm down people.... it all works out in the end 鉁岎煆馃お

鈥 I am selling鈥 for N$ 3000. This one lived through the pandemic was not locked up like the ones that will be available from tomorrow. Select this one now & reserve it for later when the full lockdown returns.

"It is estimated that, at any one time, around 0.7% of the world鈥檚 population is drunk." ~ I thought the number would be bigger :)) Happy Sunday all!

When villagers pronounced "School" as " 啶囙じ啷嵿啷佮げ" .. arrogant city slicks laughed... But now their children are attending "e- school" huh!

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