it took the EU 1 month to impose sanctions on individuals & companies in , incl Lukashenka, after the crackdown during the pres elex in Dec 2010. not sure if it would go faster now, esp with pushing hard in recent years to water down the existing arms embargo

Dr. Lazeri appreciated the measures taken in as a result of which infections and loss of life have been low. We focused particularly on the eventual ways of cooperation between 🇦🇱&🇭🇺in the healthcare sector in order to overcome the difficulties caused by pandemic.

Unfortunately not many of us are traveling at the moment, but our t-shirts have been. Here's one that reached Peter, a C++ developer from Budapest.

is the only member state that has not concluded an agreement with the EEA countries for the period 2014-2020 and has not received money from the EEA/Norway Funds. The balance is €-214 million

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